K-9 Mail is known to be an open source email client designed mainly for Android. It comes with several features such as Push IMAP support, BCC to self, Message flagging, Emoji support, keyboard shortcuts, WebDav support and many others.  

K9 Mail is available for the users through a variety of channels. In case, you want to know how to use k9 Mail and facing the issues with k9 syncing disabled, you can go through the below mentioned setup steps for K9 Mail.

How to setup K9 Mail for Android gadgets?

K9 Mail is an advanced mail program designed mainly for android gadgets. If you want to download the program, you can go to the Google marketplace and just look for K9 Mail and follow the K9 Mail setup directions.

  • Install the K9 Mail and open the application.
k9 mail setup
  • Now, go to the ‘settings’ option.
k9 setting option
  • To add another email account, choose ‘Add account’.
k9 mail add account
  • Type the email address and click on ‘Next’.
k9 manual setup
  • Now, tap on ‘Manual setup’ and then, tap on ‘IMAP’.  
k9 manual setup
  • Now, type your ‘Username’ and after that click on ‘Next’.
  • After this, K9 will check the incoming server settings, tap on ‘Cancel’.  
  • A message will appear stating that the setup couldn’t finish.
  • Tap on ‘Edit details’.  
  • Now, make changes to the IMAP server and click on ‘Next’.  
  • Similarly, make some editing to the SMTP server and click on ‘Next’.
k9 smtp setting
  • A message will appear stating that the setup couldn’t finish.  
  • Tap on ‘Edit details’.  
  • Mark the security to ‘SSL, Always’ and pick ‘Port 465’. Tick the column requiring ‘Sign in’..
  • To login, mark the authentication type.
  • Tap on ‘Next’. Once you do it, it will raise an unrecognized certificate error. Click on ‘Accept’ Key.
  • Presently you can setup the email frequency in which the application will have a look for the new email, number of displayed messages and also the types of notifications.
  • Tap on ‘Next’, once you have finished.  
k9 next option
  • Now, you can give your account a name, if you want.  
K9 final step
  • Tap on ‘Done’.
  • Your k9 Mail Android setup is finished.

How to use K9 for iPhone?

In the event that you as of now utilize your iPhone for other email accounts, do the accompanying:

  • Move towards the ‘Settings’ icon.
open setting in iphone
  • Choose Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
open setting in add account in iphone
  • Click on’ Add Account’.
setting for iphone email
  • Click on ‘Other’.
setting for iphone
  • Click on ‘Add Mail Account’.
  • Type your Name.
  • Now, type your Email Address.
enter password & email
  • Type the description, i.e. IMAP.  
  • Click on ‘Save’.
  • In the head ‘Incoming Mail Server’, type the accompanying:
  • Host Name: email.psu.edu
  • User Name: (Ex. anc123)
  • Password: password which is used to access your account
  • In the head ‘Outgoing Mail Server’, fill the accompanying:
  • Host Name: authsmtp.psu.edu
  • User Name: (Ex. and123)
  • Password: your account access password
  • Save everything.

For using K9 without any error or trouble, you can contact K9 Mail customer service. In case, you find any further issue with the use of mail account or any other related hurdle, K9 Mail support phone number, i.e. 1-844-851-9487 is readily available for you. By dialing the number, you can have an easy access to the required technical support.

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