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Foxmail is a freeware e-mail client originally written by Zhang Xiaolong which was later acquired and developed by Tencent in 2005. It acquires about 33% market share in China and they add around 3 million users daily. This freeware email client has some great features like good spam filtering options and email security. It is capable of supporting HTML which lets you compose and send messages of rich quality. Foxmail is very popular as it manages multiple POP, Hotmail, and Yahoo! email accounts. It lets you create flexible custom templates using macros.

Using Foxmail notepad function, you can easily keep a record of your work and organize all the useful information. Foxmail helps you to sync your notes with QQMail both in mobile and web. It also offers flexible mail filters and labels to organize messages. Foxmail offers an attractively quick reply feature, where you can pull out the message that you’re reading and minimize the reply window appearing above it.

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Marist Foxmail executives are always available for their customers. Let’s just take a look at how to login to Marist Foxmail.Com:

How To Log-In To Foxmail?

Follow the mentioned steps to log-in to FOXMAIL account without any difficulty.

  1. Click on and the home page of Marist Foxmail will appear on your computer/phone screen.
  2. Now, click on the sign-in option present at the right side of the screen.
  3. You will see that a form appears on the screen.
  4. Afterward, enter the Marist account, password, choose the language and select the mode.
  5. Click on Log-in and you will be taken to your account.

How To Download Foxmail?

If you are willing to use a pop mail client while not spending any money, then you should go for Foxmail. Foxmail doesn’t cost anything and provides you with multiple features to manage your e-mail accounts. Some people get confused between Firefox and Foxmail, but these two are totally different things. One is a browser and the other is an email client.

Foxmail helps you to manage your one or more email accounts at the same time, you can search for all the contacts, or search for emails, content or subject appearing to the sender. It is very powerful and easy to use.

Earlier it was said that you can’t change the language to English. But now, this problem has been solved and you can easily change it your desired language.

How To Change Your Foxmail Language To English?

  • Firstly, close your Foxmail application.
  • Then go to the installed folder of Foxmail (it is usually found in C drive).
  • There you will find a folder named “Language”. Open it.
  • You will see a file named “Chinese.lgb”. Delete it.
  • Now, re-open Foxmail and the language will automatically change to English.

While creating your Foxmail account, you will find an option to choose the desired language. Select English language and click on log-in. After this step, you will notice that the language has automatically changed to English.


To conclude, it is easy to create and manage your Foxmail account. Once you create your email account you’ll experience some of the best services. If you face any problem while log-in or sign-up, just look above for the detailed steps or you can directly contact their customer support online or dial +1-844-851-9487 to get in touch with them.

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