SBCglobal.Net Email IMAP, POP & Server Settings For Outlook

The world of electronic communication is replete with countless number of email service providers; one major key player is SBCglobal Mail which is powered by Yahoo, a leading Internet portal, which gives unlimited accessibility to check emails from any digital device or gadget that has Internet connectivity.  is an esteemed telecommunication company based in Georgia and Atlanta. It is quite popular in the United States wherein having a SBCglobal email account by the subscribers is common. The email host is under the AT&T Internet Service Protocol provider. Since Outlook is the preferred choice as a go-to-email client, knowledge about SBCglobal Email Setting for Outlook is extremely necessary. With few details and credentials email settings can be easily configured on Outlook account as well as Android, iPhone and iPad.

On configuration avoid accessing SBCglobal .net’s webmail interface.

SBCglobal Email Outlook Setting

Observe and follow the step-by-step explanation of how to add SBCglobal account in Outlook platform on Windows:

Step 1: Start with launching of Outlook (client server) on the personal computer

Step 2: Click on File and select the option Add Account.

Step 3: Tap on Email Account for updating

Step 4: Select IMAP and POP3 under Internet Email Setting

sbcglobal outlook settings- select the option Add Account.

Step 5: Correct User Name and Password needs to be entered.

Step 6: Fill up the following details for SBCglobal IMAP Settings & POP3 Settings

For the Incoming Mail Server, enter ‘ ‘; Click on Advanced tab and type 995 as Port value

For the Outgoing Mail Server, enter ‘ ‘; Click on Advanced tab and type 993 as Port value

 sbcglobal outlook settings- SBCglobal IMAP Settings & POP3 Settings

The outgoing server Port value is 465 for POP3 and 465/587 for IMAP.

sbcglobal outlook settings- outgoing server Port value

Step 7: Enable SSL in the section “Use the following type of encrypted connection”.

Step 8: Click on Next option under Internet Email Settings and finally click on the Finish option.

sbcglobal outlook settings- Enable SSL

SBCglobal  Email Setting On iPhone, Ipad & Android.

SBCglobal Email Settings for iPhone and iPad – it is very easy to set up email account on the smart gadgets and access it from any corner of the world, any time.

Step 1: Unlock the home screen on iPhone/ iPad and tap on ‘Settings’

Step 2: On left hand side of the screen, see the option ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ – tap on it and then click on ‘Add Account’.

sbcglobal email settings iphone- Add Account

Step 3: Tap on ‘Other’ option because there is a need to decide on the type of email at this step.

Step 4: Then select ‘Add Mail Account’. On getting the ‘Name, Description, Email and Password’ fields – fill up all necessary details.

sbcglobal email settings iphone- On getting the ‘Name, Description, Email and Password’ fields

Step 5: Here a screen will be displayed wherein it will be entered, the following for SBCglobal Email IMAP/POP3 server settings details:

For both Inbound Server and Outbound Server (SMTP server) type and mail. for POP3 and IMAP respectively.

Port value for POP3 is 995 and 993 for IMAP (in case of Inbound Server)

Port value for POP3 is 465 and 465/ 587 for IMAP (in case of Inbound Server)

click on ‘Advanced’ option to enable SSL encryption is required for both.

Step 6: Tap on Save once all the changes have been made.

SBCglobal Email Settings for Android

Step 1: Click on Gmail app on Android phone and select Menu bar icon

Step 2: Tap in the drop-down list adjacent to your displayed name in Gmail application.

Step 3 Click on ‘Add Account’ option.

SBCglobal  Email Settings for Android -Add Account option

Step 4: Next select ‘Other’ option and tap on the option named ‘Manual Setup’ once   entered email address of SBCglobal account.

SBCglobal  Email Settings for Android -Manual Setup

Step 5: Select the appropriate protocols among IMAP or POP3. Accordingly fill up password for the account in the next screen

 SBCglobal  Email Settings-IMAP or POP3

Step 6: Click on ‘Next’ option

Step 7: Fill up server setting details and verify SSL encryption. The procedure is same as for SBCglobal email account setting for iPhone and iPad.

In case on facing difficulty post-configuration of email account on other platforms, get technical assistance from the support team.

SBCglobal Email IMAP/ POP3 setting & SMTP port setting are required for connecting SBCglobal Yahoo Mail account to either a mobile app or desktop mail client. 2-ways syncing is achieved, which allows remote updating of mails in the SBCglobal Yahoo Mail account irrespective of the device and place of access (or IP address)

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