Outlook is one of the most widely used applications by Microsoft as it enables businesses to interact easily via emails. There many other features of Outlook which prove to be very useful while managing your personal details. These features include managing data like calendar, appointments,tasks, meeting reminders, notes, and contacts, etc.

Your outlook contacts are very important as most of them are related to your business and you cannot afford to lose them. So, if ever a situation arises that you change your phone and need to export all your outlook contacts to the new device, then you need to know how to do so!

Here we will discuss the various ways to transfer your outlook contacts to iPhone, Gmail, iCloud and Excel!

Export Outlook Contacts to Excel

  • Select the very first tab named ‘File’ from the top.
  • Go to the ‘Import & Export’ option from the given list.

How To Export Outlook Contacts to Excel

  • Now select the ‘Import/Export’ option to open the import and export wizard.
  • After the wizard is opened, choose the ‘Export To a File’ option and click on next

Export Outlook Contacts to Excel process


  • Select the option ‘Comma Separated Values’if you want to export your outlook contacts to any version of Excel and click on next

Export Outlook Contacts to Excel proces

  • Choose the ‘Contact´ option from the Outlook Data File drop down list and click on next.

Export Outlook Contacts to Excel step

  • Choose the location of the file in which you want to save your contacts and click on next

export outlook contacts

  • Enter ‘Finish’ and your contacts will start to be exported. When the export is complete, your ‘Import & Export’ wizard will disappear.
  • Your file will be saved with the .csv Open it with Excel and you’ll be able to see all your contacts.

If you want to now transfer your contacts to Outlook on another system, just transfer this .csv file and import this file into the other Outlook.

Transfer Your Outlook Contacts to Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular emailing domain. Therefore, if you are ever in in need of saving all your outlook contacts to your Gmail, then you can do so by performing the following simple steps:

  1. Open Outlook and go to the ‘File’
  2. Select Options to open the Outlook Options window.
  3. Click on the Advanced
  4. Click on the Export
  5. When the ‘Import and Export’ Wizard opens, click on the Export to a file option and, then click
  6. Select the option ‘Comma Separated Values’ if you want to export your outlook contacts to any version of Excel and click on
  7. Select the location where you want to export the contacts and then click on next.
  8. If you want to add or remove fields to customize the way the contacts will appear and be saved, then click on click Map Custom Fields and make the necessary changes.
  9. Select The Finish option to start exporting your contacts.

How To Transfer Your Outlook Contacts to Gmail

Now your contacts will be saved in the .cv file. To import them in your Gmail account, follow these given steps:

  1. Open your Gmail account and from the left column, select the Contacts
  2. Now choose the Import option from the right side
  3. From the Import Contacts, select the Browse
  4. Select the file you just created and click Open
  5. Select the Import option to import your contacts to your Gmail account.

Transfer Your Outlook Contacts to iPhone

Follow the above steps till you create a .csv file successfully. Further, follow the steps given below to import this file to your iPhone.

  1. To transfer the .csv file, you’ll need to use CopyTrans Contacts.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the PC after opening the CopyTrans Contacts.
  3. Select the ‘Import Contacts’ button in the CopyTrans Contacts application.
  4. Click on the ‘From a file (all contact formats)’
  5. Enter the location where your outlook .csv file is stored, select the file and click on ‘Open’.
  6. Your Outlook contacts will automatically be transferred and saved in your iPhone!

Transfer Your Outlook Contacts to iPhone via iCloud

Exporting/importing contacts from outlook can be a little confusing. However, just follow the given easy steps and your task will be completed in minutes!

  1. In outlook, go to the contacts
  2. Select all the contacts that you wish to export.
  3. Now, click the ‘More’ button and select ‘Export’.
  4. In export option, choose the ‘vCard Format’, to save your contacts in a vCard format file.
  5. Now go to iCloud and log in with your iTunes account.
  6. In the contacts icon, select the ‘Import vCard’
  7. Select the file that you just created and import it.

How To Transfer Your Outlook Contacts to iPhone

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