Thunderbird Email Account Setup Manually

Thunderbird is an open source, cross platform email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It was initially launched in 2003. You can conveniently arrange all your email addresses and the emails in them on a single platform through this programme. Since its launch thunderbird has added to its arsenal many new useful tools including activity manager, an address book, and message searching,

You can download the latest 2019 version of Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 from

While the procedure is going to be roughly similar for all sorts of email platforms, you’ll have to make some preceding adjustments so as to allow thunderbird to access your email account. Thunderbird mail account setup in Windows 10 is similar to other newer versions of windows and hence, the guidelines below should be useful for most Windows users.

How to setup Yahoo Mail in Thunderbird?

Since Yahoo’s default settings don’t allow any non-Yahoo applications to access your email you’ll have to disable this restriction. Thereafter you’ll be able to set up your Thunderbird with Yahoo.

Here’s how to setup your thundermail account in yahoo

1) Go to and fill in your email and password to login. That is, of course, unless you’re already logged in.

2) Click the switch that says: “Allow apps that use less secure sign in”. This then, will allow your Thunderbird app to be used with your Yahoo account.

How to setup Gmail using Thunderbird

Gmail requires similar changes to default settings as Yahoo!. In addition to setting your Gmail you can also setup your Google apps account (e.g. this way.

Here’s how to do it: –

1) Sign in to your Google apps or Gmail account.

2) Access the settings

How To Thunderbird Email Account Setup Manually

3) Click on the tab that says “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” to open it and then select the option that says “Enable IMAP”.

How To Thunderbird Email Account Setup Manually

PS. Make sure to save the changes you make in either of the cases

After the aforementioned steps, the procedure would be much or less the same.

So, here’s a guide on how to do your Thunderbird email account setup:

Download and install Thunderbird to your desktop. You may use the link provided above or may as well go to Mozilla Thunderbird’s official webpage.

After downloading and installing click on “tools” from the menu bar

From the drop-down menu choose “Account Settings”

Thereon, from the “Account Actions” drop down menu near the bottom of the screen select “Add Mail Account…”

In the designated fill-in boxes, enter your name, the email address, and your password. Click on the “Next”/” Continue” key.

You can decide between 2 of the available storage types: POP3 and IMAP.

By choosing IMAP you’ll be keeping your emails online. It means Thunderbird will be able to synchronise with your email platform only when you’re connected to the internet.

POP3 on the other hand keeps your emails stored in your computer/laptop.

Thunderbird will most likely begin automatically configuring your settings, to change that you can click on the button “stop” and then configure it yourself using “Manual Setup…” When you have a Google apps account, you may have to do it regardless since Thunderbird is at times unable to find settings for it by itself.

Doing your Thunderbird email account setup manually:

Clicking on the “Manual Setup…” tab will open a pane for your “server settings”. This pane will help you setup your incoming mail server. In the “Server Name” field you’ll type in your email access domain (e.g. As for your User Name it would be your complete email address.

In the Security Settings just below, you should select SSL/TSL for connection security.

Thereafter click on “Outgoing Server (STMP)”. You’ll find it at the bottom left of the display. Select the outgoing server that Thunderbird made for the account and click on “Edit…”

Under “Security and Authentication” select “SSL/TLS” for “Connection security” and “Normal password” as for “Authentication method”. Once again, your complete email address will be your username.

In the end, click on “OK” and then “OK” once again once you’re at the main settings page. This way you’ll reach Thunderbird’s main window.

Finally, click on “Get mail” or in some cases “Read messages” so as to have Thunderbird download all your emails instantaneously.

IF you still facing any kind of issue in setting up you thunderbird email account. contact thunderbird email support by dialing their toll free number 1-844-851-9487

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