How to get AOL Mail on iPhone

AOL mail is basically a free web-based service of Email served by AOL. It provides a wide range of email services. It has some fantastic features that may attract worldwide internet users.

Features of AOL Mail:

  • AOL mail is available in about 54 languages worldwide.
  • It has about 25 MB email attachment limit.
  • It supports various protocols such as POP3, STMP, and IMAP.
  • It has good virus protection.
  • AOL mail provides spell checking.

AOL mail is widely used all over the world by various brand phone holders, and most often people find problems with AOL mail not opening on an iPhone. As AOL mail supports various protocols, most preferred one from them is IMAP for iPhone users. Most of the iPhone users have a similar question for AOL mail that, How to get AOL mail on iPhone or can’t get AOL mail on iPhone.

Here is a simple solution for it with more natural steps involved in getting AOL mail on the iPhone. So here are the steps;

How to get my AOL mail on my iPhone?

  • Go to the home screen of iPhone, and click on settings.
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone
  • Now you will get a number of options, click “mail contacts and calendar” or simply mail option from them.
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone
  • When you tap on mail option, a list of several options will appear, tap on the “add account” option.
  • Select the “email account type” option from various email accounts.
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone
  • Go for “add mail account” from the mail section.
  • Place your details as below:

Name Text name.

Address: AOL mail address.

Password: Enter the AOL mail password.

Description: Type description for the mail.

How to get AOL Mail on iPhone

After filling all the asked detail, select the next option.

  • Select your preferred protocol IMAP or POP or SMTP.
  • After selecting the protocol on the same page you will find more details to be filed, that is to fill your “incoming mail server.”
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone

Hostname: ex: (according to your selected protocol)

User name: type your AOL email address.

Password: type your password.

  • Enter the details about your outgoing mail server on the same page.
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone
  • Tap on next option, and proceed to the next page.
  • Next step is to wait till it verifies your account.
  • After the verification of your account, you have to choose both mail and notes option that appears on your screen and then select save.
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone
  • After following all the above-mentioned procedure, you can get your AOL emails on your iPhone. Go to inbox to check it.

The next thing that may bother you is setting up the sent folder in a proper way. Don’t worry we have a solution for it. Let’s get started.

  • Select the setting option as do earlier and then go for mail, contacts and calendar option.
  • Choose the IMAP account.
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone

Ex: abcd@mail .com

  • Scroll down at the bottom and select or tap at “advanced” option.
  • Now you can change the mailbox behaviors as per your needs.
How to get AOL Mail on iPhone

Ex: select “sent” in the mailbox to check out the sent items.

How to get AOL Mail on iPhone
  • Now you can go back to the home screen.

You can enjoy the services at AOL mail on your iPhone without any stoppage or hurdle. Now, you won’t say that you can not get AOL mail on the iPhone.