How To Forward AOL mail To Gmail Account

Gmail generally possess two wide variety of ways from forwarding messages from the AOL, either you can use it as a consolidate or to move the mail entirely. Forward the mail Gmail works best while you are closing your AOL account. Forwarding enables you to move your entire emails, contacts and new emails for a month. Adding Gmail to AOL allows you to move all the emails to Gmail which is easy to access. If you are thinking to Forward AOL Mail To Gmail then you have come to the right place.

The information provided below answers your queries like Can I Forward AOL Mail To Gmail? How Do I Forward My AOL Mail To Gmail?

How To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail?

This forwarding technique enables you to copy all the older mails in the AOL mailbox so that you can close your AOL mail without losing any data. This forwarding technique works only for a month that is 30 days. However, it might be a poor choice if you continue to use the AOL mail. To Forward AOL Mail To Gmail Account, follow these simple steps:

  • – To start forwarding, click on the gear button on the Gmail which appears on the right side corner of your Gmail.
  • – Then click on settings and move on to the “Accounts and Import” option.
  • – Later, choose “Import mail and contacts”.
  • – In the tab, enter your AOL mail address and Password.
  • – Next, select the things that you wanted to get imported to Gmail.
  • – Gmail provides you with three different check-boxes where you can select to forward contacts, new emails and old emails for 30 days.
  • – Finally, click on the option Import

How to check AOL emails on Gmail:

  • – All you have to do is open “accounts and import” and “Add POP3 mail account to your own account”. this method helps you in forwarding the emails indefinitely.
  • – Type your AOL email id and password.
  • – Then check the box “Label Incoming Messages” which helps you to forward all the AOL emails to Gmail and also helps you to separate from normal mails.
  • – Before selecting the add account option, tap on “leave a copy” which enables to leave a copy of the mail in your AOL too.

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