How To Delete & Retrieve My Comcast Email Account & Its Emails?

In this article we are going to go through the steps which will help you to Delete your Comcast Emails, Retrieve your Comcast Emails and Delete your Comcast mail. You can delete all your secondary Comcast Email accounts easily, but doing so for your primary Comcast account is quite difficult. This is because you cannot use any Comcast services after you have deleted your primary account.

However, if you still wish to delete your primary Comcast Account, then you have to go through the long process of calling off all the services that you are receiving from Comcast and surrendering all the equipment back to them. After all your dues are paid to Comcast, takes about 90 days to delete the primary account.

Delete your Comcast Account

In Comcast, you can either suspend or remove your secondary email account.

  • Suspending: The account will be temporarily suspended, for a 90 day period. That means, the account cannot use any of the Comcast services and accesses. A suspended account can be reactivated anytime, although if it is not reactivated, it will be deleted automatically.
  • Removing: Removing an account will permanently delete it and all the emails, voicemails, information, settings, etc. will be deleted with it.

Follow the given steps to Delete or Suspend your Comcast Account:

  1. Sign in with your Primary account in the Customer Central.
  2. Go to the Users
  3. Primary account creation in comcast
  4. Select the drop down arrow in Choose User Account.
  5. Select the account that you want to Delete or Suspend.
  6. Click on Edit.
  7. Edit account in comcast email
  8. Click on Suspend to temporarily deactivate the account.
  9. If you want to permanently delete the account, then Click on Remove.
  10. Follow the prompt instructions to confirm the suspension or deletion of the accounts.

Delete your Comcast Emails

You can manage your email deletion settings to delete the older emails from your inbox, trash, drafts and sent so that you can save up memory space for the important and recent emails. To mass delete your Comcast emails, follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your account from where you want to delete emails in xfinity.
  • Go to the emails tab.
Delete your Comcast Account
  • Select the Inbox folder and the go the icon next to it.
  • A menu will be opened from where you can select the ‘Delete all Messages’ option.
Delete your Comcast Account
  • Now your inbox will be emptied.

Recover your Deleted Comcast Emails

If you have deleted any important emails by mistake, then you can recover them very easily by following these below give steps. Keep in mind that you can only recover those emails that have been deleted within the past 2 weeks.

  1. Log in with your primary account in the xfinity
  2. Click on the email tab to go to your mailbox.
  3. Select the More Action icon adjacent to the Trash folder.
  4. Open the Recover Deleted Items
Recover your Deleted Comcast Emails
  • Select all the emails that you wish to restore and click on the ‘Move Selected Items’
Recover your Deleted Comcast Email
  • Select the folder where you wish to move these emails and then click on the Move
Recover Deleted Comcast Email
  • Your deleted emails will be restored and saved in the folder of your choice.

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