How To Block Emails Or Email Address On AOL Mail Account

There is an overwhelming majority of email traffic which only consists of unsought and unwanted emails, ordinarily referred to as “spam.” So How to Block Spam on AOL? If your email is provided by AOL, you can restrain the number of unwanted emails that you receive by blocking all messages received from specific addresses. You can simply, block and email address in AOL webmail by adding a filter in your spam settings.

Here we not only specify How to Block an Email Address on AOL but also How to Block Emails on AOL On iPhone.

Blocking emails from uninvited senders may well be an awfully smart call to influence these forms of distraction. Many folks such as you can raise questions like, How to Block an Email Address on AOL?  Although you can divert these types of emails from your main inbox by marking them as spam however they still sit in the spam folder and acquire heaps of space. So it’s best to block these types of email addresses which can stop senders from sending you an email again.

Here’s an easy guide on How to Block Spam Mail on AOL.

Blocking Emails Using AOL Desktop Version before 10.1

Step 1: go online and log in to your respective AOL account.

Step 2: A search box will then pop-up on the top of the mail screen. The next step is to type in “Mail Control” inside the search bar and then press enter.

Step 3: You will then be able to identify the Block Mail option. You will now have to enter the email id of the individual which you want to block. If there are multiple email ids you wish to block then you can add all the required information in a single box by segregating them with the help of commas.

Step 4: Once you are done filling in the email list, simply click enter and save the settings. Voila, your how to block junk mail on AOL problem is solved.

How to block Emails Using AOL Desktop 10.1 Version

Step 1: Log in to your AOL account and click on the “Mail” icon.

Step 2: Click on “Settings” after which “Spam Controls.” will appear. Click on it and finally click on “Edit Spam Controls” to launch AOL Desktop 10.1’s mail controls.

Step 3: Click the circle next to “Block mail from addresses I specify.” Enter the e-mail addresses of the people or businesses you wish to block into the text box. After which, enter a comma to separate every email address – the same as in the previous case.

How to block Emails Using AOL Desktop 10.1 Version

Step 4: Click on “Save” once you are done entering email addresses.  Hit “OK” after which you’ll see “Your changes are saved.” Click “Save” once more to finalize the settings within the “Settings – Mail” window shut the “Settings – Mail” window.

This tool is not only for avoiding spammers. Your How to Block Someone on AOL queries get fulfilled by just removing untrustworthy mail senders.

How To Block Emails On Aol On Iphone

Blocking emails for Gmail can be done with the help of the Gmail application. On the other hand, for blocking mails on AOL, an individual must use the concerned website to have the option activated. The website can also be viewed on an iPhone and iPad with the help of the Safari application. If there is still some residual confusion or any hesitancy all you can do is contact a professional and banish.

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