Fix AOL Mail Not Working On Iphone

Nowadays users are facing a lot of issues while using their AOL mail on Iphone 5 6 and 7. A lot of complaints are registering as their AOL Mail Not Working On Iphone. So we framed some of the quick and simple tips for helping out the users in this dilemma.

Simple Methods To Solve AOL Mail Not Working On Iphone

Most of the users across the globe facing this issue or similar to this while using their AOL mail. Some of the users complaining that they can’t even log in to their AOL mail and some others claiming that they can only see the loading screen. What else may be the issue let us try to solve Iphone AOL Mail Not Working with these simple methods.

1. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off:

If you are facing the AOL Mail Not Working On Iphone 5 6 and 7 that problems must be most probably at your end. As we knew that AOL mail works on the internet, then there is a possibility of internet connection problem. To manage the network issues try the following steps:

  • – Swipe up on your home screen, then the control panel appears.
  • – Now tap on the Airplane symbol.
  • – After a few minutes tap on the same Airplane symbol back to off the Airplane mode.
  • – If you are connected to the wifi, Check the strength of your wifi connection
  • – If you are connected to cellular data, then check whether you have an active data pack.

2. Reset the Network Settings:

Even after performing the above step, you are still having the same AOL Mail Not Working On Iphone 6 5 and 7 then try this step. This step might exhibit better impact than the previous one. This step works best for the AOL mail issues.

  • – Open settings and click on the general settings option.
Reset the Network Settings- General Setting
  • – Swipe up to find the Reset option.
Reset the Network Settings- Reset
  • – After selecting the reset option a couple of option pops up. Look for Network reset options and select it.
Reset the Network Settings- Network reset options
  • – This step helps in resetting the previously given wifi passwords and networks, cellular data settings and VPN and APN settings.
  • – This step will help greatly in working AOL mail.

3. Remove and Add again:

If you are still facing the issue AOL Mail Not Working On Iphone 7 6 and 5 then you should try removing and adding the account again.

To remove:

  • – Tap on settings, and check for Accounts and passwords option and open it.
  • – Then you will come across a list of accounts that you are signed in, in your Iphone.
  • – Locate AOL mail and click on it
  • – A page appears then check for delete option and tap on it. It enables you to delete the AOL mail from your Iphone.

To add:

  • – Open settings and then navigate to Accounts and passwords and click on it.
  • –  Add your AOL account and sign in with your AOL credentials.

4. Contact the Apple Developer:

As the final solution, if you are unable to clear the AOL Mail Not Working On Iphone issue then it will be better to contact the developer for help. This method can be initiated by visiting the Help Page from the apple website. Search for the issue, at the predefined issues for any solution. Such issues are already defined with a correct solution.

If you couldn’t find the solution, then write up the developer by stating the issue.  The technicians definitely reply to you as soon as possible which helps you in solving the issue.

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