CenturyLink is the third largest American Telecommunications company in terms of the lines served in AT&T and Verizon. It provides communication and data services to business, wholesale, residential, governmental, and wholesale customers. The company works as an Internet Service provider and a local exchange carrier for the U.S. markets. A few of the services provided by this company are data communications, voice communications for local as well as long distance calls, television cable services and also home security services.

CenturyLink Email Support

The Email Support provides technical support for CenturyLink email problems. People who are looking for solutions to any email related issue like password recovery, blocking spam emails, protection from hackers and inability to send or receive emails, etc. They provide 24×7 assistance through their Centurylink.net Email Support number 1844-851-9487.

Through this Toll Free number, customers can get in contact with their experienced and certified email expert technician. They guarantee a first call resolution to all their customers and provide fast solutions and protect their privacy. They provide comprehensive explanations for the problems that help the customers not only solve, but also understand the problems.

Through CenturyLink users can create accounts as suited to their needs. If CenturyLink network is being used for personal use, users can sign in through the Centurylink Email Secure Login For Home option. If the network is being used for a business, users can create account according to their business needs. CenturyLink provides various options like Sign In for Small Business Account Management, Medium & Large Business Account Management and Federal Government Account Management. For one time use, to make payments, users can also use Quick Bill Pay option by CenturyLink.

CenturyLink Account Setup

To use all the services offered by CenturyLink, customers must have an account setup. Customers can create their CenturyLink email account through the CenturyLink.net website.

  1. On the website, click on the My CenturyLink drop down.
  1. Select the Create Account option.
  1. Now enter the details that are asked and click on the Next option. These details include phone number, password, etc.
  1. Customers can now use your CenturyLink account to access the various services that they have taken.

The CenturyLink account services gives the customers the access to 10 additional email addresses that are customizable. These emails can be shared and used among members of a family.

CenturyLink.net Email Sign up Setup

Customers can create an email address for their CenturyLink account, either at the time of the services or later, at a time that they are comfortable with. After the installation of the new CenturyLink High-Speed Internet service, follow the given steps for Centurylink Email Sign up Setup:

  1. A prompt will appear for creating a login.
  1. Select the ‘I want to create a new account as my login to my CenturyLink home page’ and choose the Next option.
  1. Enter the email address or login of choice and then enter a password for your id.
  1. A secret question option appears, choose the question and enter the corresponding answer for it and click on Next.
  1. Your CenturyLink email has been created

Centurylink.net Email Login Help

After the sign up is complete and email is setup, customers can login at any time and check their mails. For logging in to the email account, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the Home Page.
  1. From the top right side, click on the email button which is in green.
  1. Input the details of username and password.
  1. Click on Log In button to access the emails.

CenturyLink.net Email Login provides strong security for accessing personal information and bills. Users can also stay logged into their account for long period of time. However, if the CenturyLink account is not used for more than 90 days then login details are asked again, for security purpose.

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    I have initiated a password reset and i still have not got the verification mail on my centurylink email address. I have resend the email verification multiple times but there is still no mail on my centurylink email address. What should i do?

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