Airmail is an email client exclusively for iPhone and Mac OS X developed by Italian company Bloop SRL. It is also known as “lightning fast email client for Mac”. It’s extremely quick and responsive while also being absolutely beautiful. It won the annual Apple Design Awards in 2017. The interface is well-designed and includes features like translucency and Split Screen support that aren’t present in other email clients. It integrates smoothly with Apple’s built-in calendar and with third-party calendar applications. Airmail also integrates with organizational applications such as Evernote and Dropbox. Airmail offers smart folders and unified inbox. It comes with a range of configurable gestures.

Users can ask for support by asking and searching for questions on where you can get Airmail Support for Mac, iOS, or iPad and you can also view Airmail Support FAQ.

Every menu item can be setup with a gesture. The compose window in Airmail allows you to compose in Markdown or HTML with real time preview. Each message in Airmail can be marked as To Do, Memo, or Done. A To Do is a task you need to take future action on. Once the task is completed, it is marked as Done, while a Memo is defined as something you need to memorize or store for later.

Why choose us?

With a fleet of certified technicians and years of industry experience, we are best in business. Our tech support team has resolved thousands of AIRMAIL email issues to perfection. They are quick in understanding the problem and adept in resolving it to precision. Available 24X7, 365 days a year, our technicians assure first call resolution of even the most complicated tech issues. Our technicians can provide you expert AIRMAIL tech support to resolve all technical glitches at an affordable price point.

Call us at our AIRMAIL support helpline by dialing our toll free number +1-844-851-9487 and enjoy:

  • 24X7 connected support
  • Expert assistance by highly qualified technicians
  • Instant resolution  to all AIRMAIL email related issues
  • Hassle free services
  • Zero wait time

How we can help?

Our AIRMAIL expert technicians are committed to helping you. They thoroughly analyze your problem and quickly guide you through the resolution steps to permanently resolve the problem and error messages with your AIRMAIL email client. So, dial our AIRMAIL Customer Support Service +1-844-851-9487 for anytime, anywhere remote tech support and get all your AIRMAIL related issues resolved in a jiffy.

Here’s a list of few common issues that we can help you with:

  • Unable to login/logout
  • Unable to send/receive emails
  • Unable to compose new email
  • Unable to recover password
  • Unable to backup emails
  • Unable to filter/block spam emails
  • Unable to configure security settings

Get in touch

With various modes to connect – call, chat, and email – getting in touch with our technicians is easy and convenient. Simply dial our toll free AIRMAIL support helpline to speak with our expert technicians, explain your problem, and get instant resolution to all your technical issues. So, enjoy your experience with your email client with our expert AIRMAIL tech support by your side 24X7.

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2 thoughts on “AirMail Support”

  1. Jason Mikel says:

    I unknowingly did something with my airmail net email settings and now i am unable to view my spam emails. I do not see any options on my airmail net email screen when i can change back the email settings to view the spam folder.

    Rating: 5
  2. Simes says:

    Hi, i have added my airmail net to my iphone and i want to change the notification on how i receive the mails. However i cannot find the airmail net email settings anywhere on my phone. Where is it located?

    Rating: 5

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